Vulnerability on the road to Creative Thinking and Innovation

Fear of being judged by your peers is something most of us can relate to. It often starts when we’re young, and peaks in our teenage years when we’re desperate to conform. As adults, we may think we’re past that, and in many areas of our lives we probably are, but still, fear of being judged can be a huge barrier to our confidence in our own creativity.  Its that very creative confidence that can develop innovative growth and change.

fizzyMy five year old is always completely and
utterly proud of her artistic scratchings, whereas adults I ask to sketch a simple picture are often too embarrassed to share. If we can create a safe and trusted environment where it is okay to make mistakes, scribble ideas, change them, adapt them, learn from them, then our confidence to use our imagination and be creative can soar. We need to ignore the quality of the “sketch”, and focus on the quality of the “idea”. This vulnerability and ability to trust those around you can help to overcome so many of the barriers to creative thinking.

Messy Innovation extracts those feelings, and encourages people to dive in and try new things, in an environment where there are no wrong answers and no “right way” to be creative. slimeWe are not teaching people how to be artists, we are encouraging people to think like artists. Messy Innovation is about the feeling of freedom and shamelessness you felt as a child.
Harnessing that feeling, and using it to overcome vulnerability and get ideas on the table. Anyone can be a creative genius using our messy techniques, and open their mind and imagination to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Kath Manning, C0-Founder Messy Innovation


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